Day 283/365…

Day 283/365…
One way to think of the Old Testament is in 5 sections:
1. Law (AKA Torah, Pentateuch, 5 Scrolls; Genesis-Deuteronomy)
2. Historical (Joshua-Esther)
3. Poetry & Wisdom (Psalms-Song of Solomon)
4. Major Prophets (Isaiah-Daniel)
5. Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi)
So we find ourselves in Jeremiah, the second book of the “Major Prophets,” as God has pivoted to speaking to people through Prophets.  HE walked with man in the Garden of Eden, HE spoke directly to Abraham & Moses, HE wrote the law in stone, HE spoke through Judges and HE spoke through Kings…now HE tries speaking through Prophets and to what end?  Man remains disobedient.  Man still sins.  Man still wants to do it his way instead of YAHWEH.
Fortunately, we’re not only reading the OT, where God remains true and man continues to fall, but also…..the NT and the New Covenant:
At the Grammy’s, Chance the Rapper’s rendition of “How Great is Our God” reminded us, in surprising fashion, “My momma made me apple pies, lullabies and alibis, the book don’t end with Malachi.”
To that end, we’re also in Thessalonians, a letter written from Paul to the Church in Thessalonica.  In Chip Ingram’s book, Holy Ambition, he talks about the concept of a dislocated heart…does your heart truly ache for people.  I think what happened last week in Las Vegas followed by the passing of Tom Petty revealed more dislocated hearts in our society than we were aware of.  Paul had a dislocated heart.  Paul was imprisoned and yet spent his time writing letters encouraging and uplifting others in their faith and their pursuit of spreading the Good News.
Last…an invitation.  I’d like to invite you and yours to a Christmas concert.  The purpose is to “Reach the Unreached” and use a small portion of our God-given resources to help others.  To act on our dislocated hearts.  To be a little bit more like Paul…
The event is on December 10 at LifeAustin Amphitheatre.  Our resources will support 5 incredible charities working to make a difference in the 10/40 window, some of the darkest and most resource-starved parts of the world.  Please take a minute to watch the video and prayerfully consider if this opportunity makes sense for you and your family.  If so, I would love to visit with you about it.  We have board members that not only have visited these places, but literally have started and dedicated their lives to the organizations on the ground, making a difference day in and day out.
Join us 2 months from today and let’s help Light the World.

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