Is Genesis History?


I ran into one of our fellow bible plan readers at True Food Kitchen over lunch recently and he told me about a new documentary called, “Is Genesis History?” on Netflix.  He was MOVED…so Brittney and I watched it that night…and I’ve watched it a couple more times since.  The debate between the “scientific community” and the “religious community” on creation is extremely fundamental…or fundamentally extreme depending on how you look at it.  As believers, faith tells us all we need to know, God explains creation in the first book of the Bible.  Non-believers, however, continue to search for their own answers using the extremely limited tools they were given by our divine creator.  Attempting to use a God-given brain to debate with God has to be one of the strangest, most depressing and possibly most entertaining shows on God’s Netflix “Because You Recently Watched” section.
I encourage you to watch it…in the meantime, I wanted to share some notes on Genesis:
Genesis means Beginning and is composed of:
1. 50 chapters (1-11 concern key events, 12-50 concern key people) Gen 4-11 covers 2000 years (4000-2000 BC) Gen 12-50 covers 286 years
2. In 2091 BC Abram leaves Haran and becomes Abraham (this is the first name change in the Bible marking when people “get it” like Simon-Peter, Saul-Paul)
3. The Abrahamic covenant was about 3 things…land, seed and blessing
4. Key events are Creation, Fall of Man, the Flood, the Tower of Babel
5. Key people are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
A few observations…
Sin happens because of man in Genesis 3.  We are the perpetrators.  We are the problem.
Child birth is painful because a woman is bringing another sinner into the world.
God has to kill an animal to clothe man…this started the sacrifices in the Old Testament.
It took ONE generation to see murder in humanity.
In Genesis 6, man was only sinful and always sinful all the time…so God hit *reset, *ctrl-alt-del, *unplugged and replugged…only Noah was Godly enough to save and endure.
It took Noah 100 years to build the boat…the nails in the boat in the OT are like the nails in the cross in the NT…imagine being there and hearing the hammers.
Getting on the boat = Getting on the cross…the boat had no rudder & no sail.
I’d love to visit with any of you that watch the show about it and Genesis in general…and if you have any recommendations, please send them our way!
That being said…a quick update on our One Year Bible plan…
We’re just over 200 days into the year, putting us in 2 Chronicles in the OT and Romans in the NT.  We’re building God’s Temple and we’re learning how to be saved through Jesus Christ.  It might be summer vacation culturally but we’re right in the heart of the season spiritually.
Lots of folks sign emails, letters and mic drops with “Peace” …but did you know Paul signed his letters with “Grace?”
For Paul…

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